• Commemorate Seasonal Greetings with Authentic African Theme Greeting cards. The cards are blank and can be customized with your special message. Ideal for any special events or holidays like Black History, Kwanzaa celebration, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, and more. Buy Black and support Black Business. Cards measure  8.5" X 5.5" with unique artwork. The cards can be framed for your wall decoration
  • Enjoy the rhythm of Africa with these miniature drums from Burkina Faso and Senegal. Great for decor, gifts, and parties. 6-8" tall. 4-5" diameter. Drum heads are made from goat skin.
  • Handcrafted by skilled basket weavers in Northern Kenya, this 3-piece basket set is derived from the doum palm, also known as the gingerbread tree, that grows throughout the Turkanalands. Since trucking the baskets down to Nairobi can be a complicated process, baskets are sold as a nesting set to efficiently preserve space. These durable storage baskets are crafted with heirloom quality, serving beautifully in any room of the home for years. Choose natural or chestnut designs.
  • NOTE: These Iringa baskets will be FLATTENED when shipping, saving you on shipping costs. Shape your basket by wetting the straw and shaping the basket with your hands, then allowing it to dry.
  • Three green, three red, and one black candle to complete your Kwanzaa set. 12" long. Unscented.
  • Celebrate family and the seven principals of African culture with this Kwanzaa Unity Cup. The cup is made of wood and is 5” high with a 2.5” diameter.
  • The flag of the African nation combines the most popular colors from all of the flags of Africa. Choose from the 4" X 6" or the 12 x 18" flag. The fabric is made with 100% polyester.
  • The flag of the African nation combines the most popular colors from all of the flags of Africa. The 3' X 5' flag is a perfect wall hanging, or for outside display on a porch. The fabric is made with 100% polyester.
  • This colorful kinara showcases the Pan-African colors along with a centered map of Africa. Make this kinara a beautiful addition to your Kwanzaa ensemble for the holiday. Hand-crafted from solid wood for the true spirit of African pride, the seven holes are a perfect fit for our Kwanzaa candles that we also sell. Celebrate unity this Kwanzaa holiday, from December 26th to January 1st.


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