Elegant Long Skirt With Head Wrap Set


Feminine and elegant, this Long Skirt & Head Wrap Set makes a regal addition to any wardrobe. The skirt is a lightly pleated A-line skirt that has an elastic waist with two straps in a pretty bow. 55% cotton 45% Polyester.  It flows to the ankle. It features your choice of six styles.



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The waist is 28″ flat and will stretch up to 52″. The skirt is 42″ in length.

  • Style A is lavender with a traditional pattern of white geometric designs.
  • Style B features a traditional black and white patchwork pattern of Gye Nyame designs.
  • Style C is purple with a grid pattern of green and red diamond shapes.
  • Style D is orange with a patchwork pattern of wavy lines and shells in yellow and green. Comes with a matching head wrap.Style E is  white kente patchwork
  • Style F is a Pink and brown kente mix

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A, B, C, D, E, F


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