Star Studded Bridal Dresses


One-piece elegant bridal star-studded dresses. 100% cotton Ankara fabric embellished with satin fabric. The sleeves are ruffled from the elbow down to the wrist. The waist has a sewn-in ruffled sash made of satin. The neckline is of a rectangular cut with a back zipper. This is the height of elegance and style from the heart of  Black Africa fashions- the city of Lagos, Nigeria. The outfits are of a limited edition. The headwear is sold separately.


One-piece elegant bridal star-studded dresses. Blue dress bust is 36″, waist 30″, hip 38″, length 60″.

The yellow dress is:  bust 38″, waist 32″, hip 40″, length 60″

The dress is lined.

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