• This navel-length empress necklace will steal the show at any event. The handmade Maasai necklace is made with high-quality glass beads. One of the beauties of Kenyan artisans comes in long multi-strand colorful beads. The necklace is lightweight and forms a cascading "V" of colorful beads. Choose from different designs.
  • These beautiful Gye Nyame earrings will befit any occasion. The Gye Nyame symbol is part of the Adrinka lettering which means "except for God". It's an expression of being fearless of everything except for God, recognizing the divine power that is above all else.
  • This colorful beaded bracelet features various geometric designs. They are handmade in Kenya. They come in different dominant colors of green, blue, red, and black and are mixed with other primary colors. They can fit wrist sizes up to 8 inches. Colors may vary.
  • This colorful beaded cuff is embellished with cowrie shells and will make a statement with your attire. It comes in different colors sky blue, gold, yellow, and green.
  • Gye  Nyame means “Except God,”  expressing the omnipotence and supremacy of God in all affairs. This large cowrie shell cuff shows off this popular Adinkra symbol in Ghanaian culture in West Africa. The sturdy look portrays strength and confidence. The Gye Nyame symbol is surrounded with decorative black beads to embellish and contrast the 44 cowry shells surrounding the cuff. The cuff has soft fabric padding on the inside for a comfortable feeling.
  • This three-step long dress shows elegance suitable for any special occasion. The short sleeve dress comes in blue with sparkles of yellow and red. It has a round neck with a back zipper. The ankle area has 3 levels of ruffles which allows for free leg room for movement with style and elegance.
  • This elegant bridesmaid dresses will add color and style to your African wedding. It can also be added to your wardrobe for other special occasions.
  • This dress is made with Ankara fabric mixed with satin. It comes in yellow or blue. Accessories are sold separately.
  • Heal your skin and improve its overall appearance with this Nigerian Tetmosol Soap: Citronella. Tetmosol is an ectoparasiticide used in the treatment and prevention of scabies. Its antiseptic properties provide a deep clean, penetrating the skin to get rid of dirt and impurities. This soap also contains the fresh, clean scent of Citronella, which has the added benefit of repelling pesky insects. Get the benefits of Tetmosol and Citronella.  
  • Polished Fulani gold is skillfully twisted into this memorable bracelet that will have everyone looking your way. Gives off a dazzling light and gives you instant exotic appeal. Made in Mali, West Africa.
  • Capture the elegance and spirit of the Fulani with this hammered silver twist necklace. Crafted in Mali by Fulani artisans, this necklace is often worn as a symbol of wealth or for special events like weddings or important ceremonies. This necklace is lightweight and easy to wear, with an incredible ability to capture the light and shimmer for a look of real gold though it is made of bronze. 17" long. Made in Mali.
  • Fulani earring gold – Sophisticated and stylish, these Fulani Earrings in Gold create a dramatic accent for any ensemble. The exotic Fula Gold Twist Earrings are made out of Fula twisted bronze. They capture the light in just the right way for the 'look of REAL gold'. The large and playfully shaped earrings are made by authentic Mali artisans in the heart of Africa. Prized by the Fulani people of West Africa for their expression of honor, status, and wealth, these lightweight and comfy earrings are sure to be winners with their unique look and feel. Each pair is 100% unique and individually handcrafted, never factory-made. Go for the gold and add this unique expression of African craftsmanship to your wardrobe today.
  • Smart wear, men's kente short sleeve dress shirt. 100% cotton.
  • Dermovate is effective for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and other inflamed skin problems. Lot # US 7A.  NAFDAC REG. NO.- 04-1205. Expiration date: August 2023. Keep out of reach of small children. For external use only.
  • Moringa contains vital antioxidant properties that purify skin and fights unsightly blackheads. It exfoliates dead skin cells that dull the appearance of skin and renews skin, leaving it glowing.  The loofah is a fibrous plant that is a natural way to exfoliate your skin, to give your skin a polished appearance. 100g.
  • Moringa Soap

    Moringa Soap is the ideal choice to nourish your skin while cleaning it. Moringa is known to have anti-toxin properties. It feeds your skin the right mix of nutrients. Exposure to the atmosphere results in an accumulation of harmful toxins and pollutants that need to be removed from your skin.  Frequent use of Moringa soap results in clearer, firmer and younger skin. It has high levels of essential vitamins like A, B, and C for glowing skin.
  • Indian Traditional Women's Fashion Pearl Earrings. Gold plated. Dangling earrings 2" long.
  • This Maasai Leather Goddess Necklace Set is fit for a goddess like you. This unique necklace has a choker of black beads with two circles hanging from it. The circles are black leather surrounding colorful beads and an engraved copper center. The set comes with earrings that are hoops made from colorful beads. The choker measures 24” long and the pendants measure 6” long. The earrings are 1’5” long. Made in Kenya.
  • This metallic necklace & earring set has lustrous shades of copper, silver, and brass giving you a look no one will forget. A popular and fancy choice that can make you stand out anywhere, anytime! The necklace is 20" long, the earrings are 3.5" big, and the metal pieces are 3" long.
  • This elegant Traditional Print Tassel Sarong is stylish, sleeveless, and opens down the front, with a handkerchief hemline that is shorter in the front and longer in the back. The sarong has tassels along the hemline and features traditional African prints and sunburst designs. It comes in your choice of red, light blue, and teal. It is comfortable in summer at the beach and at any outdoor event. It will fit up to a 50” bust. Made of 100% cotton.
  • This lightweight animal print jacket has an Afrocentric design of a collage of jungle animals in style B and an African print design in style A. It is great for the spring and summer seasons. Only a limited quantity is available.
  • This double ruffle sleeve and neck blouse is great office wear for the summer. It has short ruffle sleeves and a high neck embellished with ruffles. It is has covered buttons down the front to enhance its elegance. The fabric is lightweight, made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Easy wash.
  • The jumpsuit has a halter top with straps and an unconstructed bodice that flows into wide-legged pants. It features a distinctive Kente pattern in orange, yellow and green. It comes with two convenient pockets. The jumpsuit is 48” in length. It fits up to a 64” elastic bust. Made of 100% cotton.
  • The engraved trim of this cuff bracelet leads to images of a parade of brightly decorated elephants with their trunks in the air. 8" diameter. 3" long
  • This red leather bracelet gives you the Nigerian look of exotic culture. The bracelet is 1" thick. Stitching varies on each bracelet. Made in Nigeria.
  • This shea butter is ground to a creamy texture and not heated. This gives you the creamy feel and the most efficient packaging, but with no loss of effectiveness. When shea butter is melted, the heating process can take away some of its effectiveness. Use for moisturizing and rejuvenating skin and hair. Shea butter stimulates cellular activity and fights the effects of aging. It repairs rough, damaged skin. Protects skin from wind, cold, and sun damage. Keeps healthy skin vibrant. Apply generously as needed. Natural scent will fade after application. 14 oz. Shelf life of 18-24 months.
  • This dashiki top has a stand-out design, hue, and a soft, roomy feel. It has a form-fitting elastic waist. Fits up to a 42” bust and is around 32” in length. One size fits all. 100% cotton.
  • Adjustable wrap skirt with 2 straps. 47" wide by 37" long. 100% cotton.
  • This traditional African garment is comfortable and stylish. Comes in a dark orange background with unique African designs. Available in size 4x. The Dashiki has two convenient pockets. Made of 100% cotton. Hand washes in cold water.
  • This navy blue leaf design with a bright collar is in a class of its own. Made with high-quality fabric.
  • Sale!
    Command respect in this professional wear for office or business.  Made with high-quality fabric with an Afrocentric design on the collar and sleeves. It comes in a wine color and black. Choose from three designs. Size 2X.
  • Command respect in this professional wear for office or business.  Made with high-quality fabric with Afrocentric design on the collar and sleeves. The color is navy blue. Size 2X.
  • Men's colorful Traditional African Kente print shirt. Size 2XL. It is a button-down dress shirt.
  • This Afrocentric Tee shirt mixed with Ankara fabric on the chest is a special way to show your African Heritage. The tee is made with high-quality fabric in light gray color. The Ankara fabric is made of 100% cotton in brown and gray colors. It can be comfortably worn anywhere and everywhere with style. Fits size XL.
  • The Ankh earrings are 2 and a half inches (2 1/2") long. The Ankh means the "key of Life" and represents eternity or eternal life in Egyptian belief.
  • This Map of Africa jewelry set is made of polished brass. The set comes with a pair of pierced dangling earrings showing the map and lettering of AFRICA and is 2 inches long, a cuff bracelet with the map of Africa on both ends, and a resizable ring with the map of Africa on top. The cuff bracelet is resizable up to 8 inches wrist size. The set can be worn by all genders.


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