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  • Straw Baby Rattles used as a musical instrument in western culture as well as Africa. These rattles make a great gift for anyone with a small child. Totally hand made, multi-colored, and great for decoration as well as gifts. Each is hand made and varies slightly: approx. 5” tall. Made in Mali.
  • Celebrate family and the seven principals of African culture with this Kwanzaa set. Kwanzaa is a time for family celebration and this Kwanzaa set will have a central place in the celebration and become a family heirloom. It comes with a Kinara and matching candles in the traditional Kwanzaa colors of red, black and green. Also includes a Kwanzaa mat and a hand-carved, wooden Unity Cup.
  • Home decoration or African clothing accessory made in Kente Cloth designs. Wonderful table runners to add an African flavor to any environment. Also commonly used as scarves and sashes, not hand woven Kente cloth. Approx. 12" wide X 44".
  • Add some color and African flair to your frat house or sorority with this dramatic Fraternity/Sorority Fang Mask. The mask is modeled after traditional African masks with a twist.  This mask is black with the red colors and symbols of the Kappa Alpha Psi  on it. It is decorated with glass beads and cowrie shells. Approximately 13 " long and 5" wide. Made in Ghana.
  • Be Kwanzaa ready with this elegant full-sized colorful kinara. Hand-crafted from solid wood for the true spirit of African pride. This Kinara features the Black, Red, and Green Pan-African colors. Approximately 15" X 5". Candles are not included.
  • Enjoy the rhythm of Africa with these miniature drums from Burkina Faso and Senegal. Great for decor, gifts, and parties. 6-8" tall. 4-5" diameter. Drum heads are made from goat skin.
  • Engraved with famous African symbols - gye nyame symbol meaning to never fear anything except for God. These kind of mask holds a historical meaning in Ghana as were used in initiation, hunting, and dancing ceremonies. Approx. 31 inches long and 4 inches wide!
  • Influenced by many famous artists, this hand-carved mask was made in Ghana and makes an entertaining addition to your collection or display. The masks are approximately 15 to 20 inches tall!
  • These earrings are a great compliment to your wardrobe for any function or event in the theme of culture. Show off your roots with this inexpensive earring set that features the style of an African Woman's Silhouette.
  • This flared Kente skirt with an elastic waist fits up to 50" with two straps. 30" length. Has two pockets. Matching head wrap. 100% cotton.
  • Feminine and bold, this Kente Mini Skirt is a great addition to any wardrobe. The skirt is knee-length and pleated and flares out. It features a bright and colorful African design in yellow and orange. Comes with two convenient pockets and a matching head scarf. The skirt is 19” in length. It fits up to a 44” elastic waist with two straps that tie in a bow. 100% cotton
  • You will love this light hand-crafted flared skirt with scarf. Features an elastic waistband and should fit up to a 50" waist. Length is 44". 100% viscose.

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