• Embellish your children's wardrobe with our large African inspired kids dashikis. This child dashiki features a form fitting elastic waist. 100% cotton and very festive for casual events. Fits up to 30" bust; 20" length. Great for kids 5 years old and up!
  • Embellish your children's wardrobe with our large African inspired kids dashikis. 100% cotton and very festive for casual events. Fits up to 34-35" bust; 21" length. Great for kids 5 years old and up!
  • This form fitting African inspired dashiki has a stand-out design, hue, and a soft, roomy feel with an elastic waist. Fits up to a 42” bust and around 32” length. The border color on the dashiki may vary from the picture. One size fits all. 100% cotton.
  • Enjoy the rich, warm earth tones of genuine African mud cloth made in Mali. Stand out in this unique representation of the Africa. No two styles are alike and each design varies. Hand made item size varies. Fits between 42” to 60" chest and has approx 36" length. Comes with 2 pockets. Short sleeve length can vary.
  • Pants fit a 44" waist with straps, 40" length, and low cut 25" inseam that fits any size from normal 26" - 34" inseam. Dashiki has a 50" chest, 39" length with 10" sleeves. 100% cotton. Made in Senegal.
  • Embroidered Dashiki with Kufi Hat. Fits up to a 52" chest. 36" length. 55% cotton/45% polyester. Hand wash in cold water.
  • Chic and stylish, this Black and White Kente features a square neckline, very loose short sleeves and a tunic shape. Elegant patchwork design in black, grey and white. LG: Fits up to 52" Chest, 32 inches long XL: Fits up to 54" Chest, 32 inches long
  • Authentic and unique tie and dye dashiki.Fits up to a 58" chest with a 33" length. These tie and dye dashikis are designed and tailored in Gambia. Designs may vary. 100% cotton.
  • Marvelous Black Dashiki with Kente design by the neckline. Includes two convenient pockets. The LG size is 30” long with a 50” chest. 100% cotton. MD 30” long with a 46” chest. Free 30” long with a 48” chest. LG 30” long with a 50” chest. XL 31” long with a 52” chest. 2X 31” long with a 54” chest. Male model is wearing size LG.
  • Add these authentic Dashikis from the beautiful country of Gambia to your wardrobe. Slip on style with attractive designs. 100% cotton, hand wash for best results. Fits up to a 50" chest and 32" length.
  • Add a beautiful dashiki to your wardrobe. Our unique patterns and colors are available in large sizes. 33" in length. Features 2 front pockets. 100% cotton.
  • Suit up in a hoodie with the ethnic colors and pattern of a dashiki. This is a thin, lightweight top with a drawstring for the hoodie. Also features 2 front pockets. Fits almost any other piece of wardrobe and great for casual and fun gatherings. Dashikis are unisex. 100% cotton.
  • Our loose and comfortable poncho style dashiki fits in many casual occasions. Featuring an African themed design around the neck, chest, and hemline area, the poncho style allows for a lot of room for arm movement. Fits up to a 68" bust and 35" in length.
  • Stand out in our quality dashiki with a unique gold print. A wide sleeve dashiki with long style. Gold design featured around neck, pockets, and hemline. One size fits most. Great top for men and women.
  • Show your African Pride in this ethnic dashiki. Affordable dashiki with bold and vibrant colors that will draw attraction and compliments. Goes well with any clothing. One size fits most. Fits for men and women. Color and border may vary from picture.
  • Stand out in this roomy longsleeve dashiki with unique design. Fits well for both men and women. Features 2 pockets. Pattern and border color may not be the same. Best hand washed in cold water.
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